Spanish customs for weddings

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We see a lot of couples as marriage managers with different ties to their history and culture. Even though every ceremony is special, several Latin American cultures share some beliefs. While it is impossible to combine every aspect of a nation into one bridal, it is fantastic to include some customs that are meaningful and relevant to the partners.

The Lazo festival is one of the most crucial rituals at a Latin nuptial. The bride and groom are joined together by a bright thread that is wrapped around their necks. Additionally, it’s a time to say anything substantial in prayer for the upcoming marriage.

The Las Arras penny custom is another popular pre-marriage ritual. The groom gives the wife 13 gold coins during this service. The coins, which stand in for Jesus and his 12 apostles, are typically purchased by the padrinos ( godparents ). The wedding receives them from the wedding as a sign of his commitment to take care of her and her family in the future.

A common custom is for the padrinos to cover a lasso around the partners to symbolize their unity as married people after the vows are said and the rings are exchanged. Plants, beads, stones, or anything else that depicts the few can be used to make the bola. It’s a lovely way to wrap up the service and continue the celebration.

Last but not least, it is typical for the bride to use her mask during the wedding reception and the Lazo and Las Arras ceremonies. This is a lovely way for her to show her gratitude to her mother and grandmother for raising her as well as her novel husband’s beauty and commitment.

These customs are a lovely way to honor Latin America’s history and history, despite the fact that some of them may seem out of date. Although each nation has its own customs, some are more well-liked than another. Each couple must choose which ceremony customs are most important to them and how they want their marriage ceremony and greeting to appear. However, it’s always a good idea to incorporate some customary Spanish ceremony customs for an occasion that will undoubtedly go down in history.

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